Project: Audi – Enter Sandbox TVC

I made the initial storyboards for the Audi Enter Sandbox project! Pre-visualizing a motion picture that was used to pitch our concept to the producers and clients.

“Much more than a terrific TVC, Audi Sandbox is an in-store installation that lets you test-drive the new Audi Q5 in VR on a self-made track made out of sand. The campaign takes the imagination behind its nostalgic namesake and grounds it virtual reality by turning a physical sandbox into a virtual playground. In the sandbox, you can create your own driving environment by moving sand to form lanes, jumps and mud pools. Your sandscape is then scanned by a depth-sensing camera and rendered into a 3D environment you can explore with the new Q5 in a VR driving simulator”


Adobe Photoshop, Google SketchUp


#Audi, #MediaMonks, #POLOslo,


Concept Art, Illustration


February 21, 2017