Project: Nissan X-Trail – Explore The Unknown

Some art that I made for the Nissan X-Trail: Explore The Unknown VR project.  I was in charge of some of the Matte Paintings, Production art, and the keyframe concept art. The main goal was to convey a visual representation of the environment for use in the animation before it is put into the final product. The idea was to create a world that was something both beautiful yet exciting at the same time.

“This 4D VR experience let Chinese consumers conquer the future with the new Nissan X-Trail. The installation was set up across Dongfeng Nissan dealers to enable visitors to go off-road without leaving the showroom. Everything you see can also be felt thanks to a robotic chair and 4D effects”


Adobe Photoshop, AutoDesk Maya, Cinema4D, Daz3D, Google SketchUp


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3D, Concept Art, Matte Painting


September 15, 2017